Viper bite

A person bitten by a viper experiences sharp pain at the site of the bite, feels weak and queasy.

What to do.

If breath and heartbeat are regular, the bitten person needs to lie down and the blood from the affected limb has to be isolated from the blood circulation. Wrap the bitten limb with a bandage at a distance of about five centimeters from the bite. You can use a belt, a strip of cloth or a rubber band. You must do this in order to prevent the venom from spreading to the whole body. Keep the area of the bite below the heart: legs and arms must not be raised or laid on pillows or folded clothes. It is preferable to immobilize the affected limb with a splint, as moving could make the poison spread in the body faster. Do not apply ice to the wound or inject anti-viper serum without a doctor, because the person might be allergic to this substance. The person must  rest and be accompanied as soon as possible to the Emergency Room. You’d better carry the person to the car in your arms or on a stretcher, since moving would make more blood flow and more poison spread. It is good to know that a viper bite only produces serious effects after at least two hours.