From May to September ULSS 4 activates 2 dialysis centers for Italian and foreign tourists, located in Jesolo and Bibione. These centers are equipped with 18 dialysis seats, provided with latest generation equipment, capable of delivering the main depurative treatments.

There are two daily dialysis shifts: a morning shift, starting by 7.30 and a second shift in the afternoon, starting by 13.30. In case of overbooking, during July and August, ULSS 4 is also available to carry out evening dialysis treatments . During dialysis sessions, patients are attended by a nephrologist  and by the nursing staff; the interpreting service is guaranteed. Air conditioned rooms.

How to book your dialysis treatment

For information please send your requests to the following e-mail:

Or call:

  • Jesolo: tel. +39 349 356 8839
  • Bibione: tel. +39 342 940 5122
    (from 1st May to 30th September).

Reservations are made only with a written request by filling in the following forms:

Upon receipt of your written request, you will receive a CONFIRMATION, indicating the health and administrative documents to be sent (duly filled in) about 1 month before your treatment.



Via Levantina, 104

Bibione – San Michele al Tagliamento

Via Maja, 6